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NAGA Releases 2014 ‘Economic Impact of Golf in Canada’

The National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA), released it’s updated economic impact study on June 3rd by media conference at Parliament Hill in conjunction with another Golf Awareness Day to inform Members of Parliament of the high benefit that the golf industry generates for Canadian society.

This Economic Impact of Golf in Canada study was conducted by Strategic Networks Group, the same research firm who did our 2009 study; and is based upon 2013 golf data derived from two surveys: a golfer survey of 15,000 and a golf course operator survey of 300.

As expected, some of the measurable economic indicators are trending up and some are down. Overall, the direct Gross Domestic Product by Canadian golf is up to $14 billion, and when including golf’s economic spin-off to related industries the total Gross Production is $36.8 billion.

Golf remains the #1 participation sport in Canada and that golf participation rate also remains #1 of all countries in the world. This exceptional popularity of our sport then drives the large economic impact you’ll see in the Study, to the point where Canadian golf generates more revenue than all other participation sports and recreation facilities combined. To view the report, please click here.

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